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Global Review Links:

Regents Prep - Global

This is a great site with lots of links and funny videos/songs to help you remember topics on the Global Regents:
Mr. Klaff - Global Regents Review

Site with lots of multiple choice questions (not-interactive) and answers:Global Review Packets
Mr. Ott's Global History Classroom- Great site with a lot of helpful links.

Global History Review Site - Good site with a lot of visuals for review.

Buffalo Schools Global Regents Review Page- Good site with many links to other sites.

Charts and other links on the amazing inventions and contributions of the ancient Chinese:

Global Studies Mulitiple Choice Questions:

Regents Prep Global Multiple Choice
Prentice Hall Site - This site has practice multiple choice and DBQ questions.
My Social Studies Teacher.com Mr. Ott- This site has multiple choice quizzes by topic and practice Regents exams.

Global DBQ Practice:

My Social Studies Teacher.com DBQ Questions

Global Studies Review Sheets:

Word Associations For Global History--Good PDF sheet on concepts and the words/phrases associated with them on the Regents exam.

Global Games:

Global 9 and 10 Review Games
Review Game Zone: Global Games- Civilization Space Invaders
Review Game Zone: Rise in Democracy
Study Stack - Matching Game

Global Studies Study Cards:

Study Stack - Flashcards